Amir Assadi, PhD


Department of Mathematics


811 Van Vleck Hall
480 Lincoln Dr.
Madison, WI 53706

(608) 262-3219
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BA 1974, Mathematics, University of California at Berkeley
PhD 1979, Mathematics, Princeton University


Research Interests

Dr. Assadi is interested in theoretical and computational models of biological intelligence, namely, the study of natural phenomena that indicate the presence of “Learning” (a.k.a. robust sustainable adaptation and plasticity) and “Memory” (a.k.a. robust sustainable representation, registration, and retrieval of information.) By exploring emergence, development, and patterns of intelligent behavior in diverse biological systems, he seeks to understand evolutionary mechanisms of diversity and quantifying variation in patterns of intelligence across species, organisms, and mechanisms—finding complementary strengths within cross-disciplinary research activities that bridge several specialties. Dr. Assadi incorporates computational and engineering innovations and proven technological advances to generate massive data from experiments on biological systems, to analyze them, and to design mathematical models driven by the information content of such data sets. The key technical step across all of his projects is Quantifying Variation in Biology (QVB). His objectives in QVB are to establish a systematic framework for mapping genotype-phenotype variations in model organisms, believing that comparative study of biomolecular mechanisms across organisms and species can enhance understanding of the nature and evolution of biological intelligence at the molecular scale.



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