Anna Shen, PhD

Research Scientist

Department of Oncology


426 McArdle Cancer Research Building
1400 University Avenue
Madison, WI 53706 

(608) 262-1209
picture of Anna Shen, PhD


BS 1975, Chemistry, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MS 1977, Biochemistry, University of Pennsylvania
PhD 1980, Pharmacology, University of Wisconsin-Madison
PostDoc 1980-1983, Genetics, University of Wisconsin-Madison


Research Interests

Anna Shen is working to identify and characterize the mouse PPCD1 gene (initially termed “BigEye” mouse). The PPCD1 mouse exhibits a particular class of corneal abnormality affecting the corneal epithelium, with patterns remarkably similar to those observed in human corneal endothelial dystrophies—notably posterior polymorphous dystrophy (PPD). Secondary phenotypes observed in PPCD1 mice include corneal neovascularization, retinal ganglion cell loss, and photoreceptor loss, all significant causes of blindness in humans. Dr. Shen’s work focuses on providing a molecular explanation for the PPCD1 phenotypes with hopes of shedding light on human disease.


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