Ari Rosenberg, PhD

Assistant Professor

Department of Neuroscience

WIMR-II Office 3557

1111 Highland Ave.

Madison, WI, 53705

(608) 265-5782
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BA 2004, Liberal Arts and Sciences with an Honors Concentration in Cognitive Science, Wilkes Honors College of Florida Atlantic University

PhD 2009, Computational Neuroscience, University of Chicago


Research Interests

An overarching goal of Dr. Rosenberg's research program is to elucidate the neural circuits and computations creating three-dimensional (3D) visual representations of the environment from two-dimensional (2D) retinal images.  To accomplish this goal, Dr. Rosenberg's lab employs a synergistic, multifaceted approach combining high-density neural recordings in non-human primates, computational modeling, and human psychophysics.  This work focuses on how neurons in parietal cortex and intermediate visual areas integrate monocular and binocular visual cues to create robust estimates of 3D object pose (position and orientation).  In a related area of study, they examine how vestibular and proprioceptive signals are combined with visual information to create a 3D representation of the world that is invariant to the observer's spatial pose (e.g., if the head is upright vs. tilted to the side).  They are also interested in how nonlinear response properties of neurons in the magnocellular pathway contribute to visual perception, and might be used to develop methods for early detection of glaucoma.  The lab actively conducts experiments in multiple visual areas including the LGN, V1, V2, V3A, MT, FST, and CIP.


Department of Neuroscience - Ari Rosenberg



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