Arnold E. Ruoho, PhD


Department of Neuroscience


MSC 383
1300 University Ave.
Madison, WI 53706 

(608) 263-5382
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BS 1964, Pharmacy/Medical Chemistry, University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada
PhD 1970, Physiological Chemistry, University of Wisconsin-Madison
PostDoc 1971-1974, Biochemistry, University of California- San Diego


Research Interests
Work in Dr. Ruoho’s laboratory is directed at an understanding of the molecular mechanisms which underlie neurotransmitter release and receptor activation. Several families of proteins which are of specific biochemical interest to the lab are: (a) beta-adrenergic receptors and rhodopsin (b) GTP binding proteins, (c) catecholamine transport proteins, and (d) sigma receptors. Projects to identify structural and functional domains of adrenergic receptors and G-proteins include: (a) intermolecular interactions between G-proteins and receptors; (b) identification of the G-protein alpha-subunit interaction domain with effectors, such as the enzyme, adenylyl cyclase, and the gamma-subunit of cGMP phosphodiesterase; and (c) the three-dimensional structure of active domains of the G-protein linked receptors and adenylyl cyclase using NMR and crystallography approaches. These experiments utilize multiple methodological approaches, including baculovirus expression of receptors, synthesis and use of agonist and antagonist photoaffinity labels, and the application of 'tethered' photoactivatable molecules to probe G-protein structure and nearest neighbor interactions.


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