Carlos Flores, PhD

Associate Researcher

Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences

K6/460 Clinical Sciences Center

600 Highland Ave.

Madison, WI  53792 

(608) 265-5986



BS 1984, Microbiology and Immunology, University of Washington, Seattle, WA

PhD 1991, DIC in Biochemistry, Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine; Center for Biotechnology, London, UK



Carlos Flores works in the Colley laboratory where they use the powerful genetics of the fruit fly to study molecular causes of retinal degeneration and other disorders of the eye. Basic research in Drosophila has provided insight into many areas of human vision, from eye development and phototransduction to the cellular mechanism of eye diseases. The Colley lab has identified and studied the function of many genes that are required for retinal health and function. Mutations that affect the synthesis, folding, transport and maturation of the highly abundant central protein, rhodopsin, is a recurring focus. These studies help to inform the causes of some human eye disease and can suggest possible interventions.



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