Charles Schobert, DVM, MS

Associate Researcher, retired

School of Veterinary Medicine
picture of Charles Schobert, DVM, MS

BS 1977, Biological Sciences, Illinois State University
MS 1980, Molecular Biology, University of Wisconsin-Madison
DVM 1996, University of Wisconsin-Madison


Research Interests
Dr. Schobert, currently retired, worked for years as an Assistant Scientist in the Comparative Ocular Laboratory of Wisconsin (COPLOW), where his primary research interest was the evolution of the eye. His work in the ocular pathology laboratory of Dr. Richard Dubielzig allowed access to Dubielzigā€™s extensive collection of eye tissue, spanning a wide range of the animal kingdom. Using this resource, Dr. Schobert compared ocular anatomy traits in animals and correlates them with phylogeny, to explore how these traits evolved. He was involved in collaboration with the American Museum of Natural History, detailing the unusual ocular anatomy in several of the species they have collected. He also worked with other researchers on campus to explore eye evolution using a multi-disciplinary approach that may advance understanding of the effects of environment on eye evolution.


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