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MERI-at-a-Glance Draws Researchers!
MERI-at-a-Glance featured short presentations by eight McPherson ERI-affiliated researchers on Friday, December 8th.

Kevin Eliceiri
Kevin Eliceiri, new McPherson ERI Associate Director and RRF Walter H Helmerich Research Professor
Aki Ikeda, former McPherson ERI Associate Director and Timothy William Trout Professor of Eye Research

From the Director:  McPherson ERI Associate Director Transition
Recently, the Institute underwent a transition in the Associate Director position, which offers an opportunity to highlight two of McPherson ERI’s extraordinary scientists and leaders.
More about this transition

The 9th Annual McPherson ERI Vision Science Poster Session and Distinguished Guest Lecture
People at the Poster EventPeople at the poster event

This event took place on Thursday, October 12th. Close to 100 McPherson ERI Members, Lab & Program Associates, Trainees, and Friends attended our annual poster session and reception, and many of them displayed research posters.  The reception was followed by a talk from distinguished guest lecturer Steven Seitz, which was also open to the public. Poster Session and Guest Lecture

Gamm Team Recognized in NEI’s 3D Retina Organoid Challenge    A team of McPherson ERI scientists headed by Dr. David Gamm was recognized by the National Eye Institute as part of an initiative aimed at improving the production of human 3D retina structures grown from stem cells.  The UW-Madison team  Gamm team recognized

Dick DubielzigDr. Richard R. Dubielzig featured on NPR and in the Wisconsin State Journal
Dr. Richard R. Dubielzig, who founded the Comparative Ocular Pathology Laboratory of Wisconsin (COPLOW), was recently featured in this NPR story and in the Wisconsin State Journal.

Stem Cell Therapies: The Hope and the Hype
With stem cells the focus of much recent attention in the media, this statement from Dr. David Gamm clarifies both the promise and the misconceptions about stem cell use for vision therapies. And keep in mind the 10 Things to Know Before You Fall Victim to a Retinal Stem Cell Scam.

Jose-Alain Sahel MD PhDDr. Jose-Alain Sahel Gives 5th Annual McPherson Endowed Lecture
Approximately 150 people heard Dr. Jose-Alain Sahel deliver the 5th Annual McPherson Endowed Lecture on Thursday, April 27th.

Dr. Akihiro IkedaProtein Discovery
Dr. Akihiro Ikeda, Professor of Medical Genetics and RRF Walter H. Helmerich Research Chair at the McPherson Eye Research Institute, has published a study of a novel protein that could lead to potential new treatments for age-related retinal diseases.



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6th Annual McPherson ERI Endowed Lecture
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