McPherson ERI Staff

Michael Chaim

Position title: Development


Phone: 608-320-9347

Kevin Eliceiri, PhD

Credentials: Department of Medical Physics (School of Medicine and Public Health)
Department of Biomedical Engineering (College of Engineering)
Center for Quantitative Cell Imaging (CQCI, VCRGE)
Morgridge Institute for Research

Position title: Associate Director, McPherson Eye Research Institute
Retina Research Foundation Walter H. Helmerich Research Chair,
Associate Professor
Morgridge Institute for Research, Investigator


Phone: (608) 263-6288

David Gamm, MD, PhD

Credentials: Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences (School of Medicine and Public Health)
Waisman Center (VCRGE)

Position title: RRF Emmett A Humble Distinguished Director,
McPherson Eye Research Institute
Sandra Lemke Trout Chair in Eye Research,


Phone: (608) 261-1516

Jonathan Lang, PhD

Position title: Center Administrator


Phone: (608) 265-4023

Ralph Nelson, MS

Position title: Graduate Student Hourly, Web/Media Admin

Gail M. Stirr, MA

Position title: Internal Administrative Consultant