Your support advances vision research and treatments for vision disorders.  Please help the McPherson Eye Research Institute by making a tax-deductible donation today, or considering a future gift.

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Donate to the McPherson ERI Fund, which supports the full range of our research, education, and outreach activities.

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Support the David G. Walsh Research Fellowship program. The David G. Walsh Research Fellowship Fund supports graduate students and postdocs in vision research through small, targeted research grants.

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Participate in McPherson ERI’s Annual Cycle for Sight Fundraiser. Our annual cycling, walking, spinning, and running fundraiser is held at different locations on and off the UW-Madison campus. Visit our Cycle for Sight webpage for further information, to register for the event, or to donate.

To send a gift by mail, the address is:

UW Foundation
U.S. Bank Lockbox
Box 78807
Milwaukee, WI  53278-0807

If possible, please fill out & enclose the linked printable gift form, or please note “McPherson ERI” and the preferred fund on your check.

For more information, including information on electronic funds transfers (ETFs), estate gifts, or qualified charitable distributions from an IRA, please contact:

Michael Chaim, McPherson ERI Gifts Officer
Phone: 608-320-9347

Address:  McPherson Eye Research Institute, 9407 WIMR, 1111 Highland Ave, Madison, WI  53705

Thank You!

Saving Cents for Vision

John Walsh & Callie Meiller
John Walsh & Callie Meiller

Every gift to the McPherson Eye Research Institute helps to advance vision research, and many gifts come with a story worth sharing.  When Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic School in Monona was looking for a new recipient of funds from its “Penny War” fundraiser, Principal Callie Meiller thought of her longtime friend, John Walsh.  Walsh – a business attorney with Axley in Madison (and a talented stand-up comic, who took first place out of 116 comics at the Comedy Club on State’s annual Madison’s Funniest Comic Competition this year) – is legally blind from an inherited disease called Usher syndrome…. READ MORE