Vision Gallery

Explore works of art by scientists, artists, and curators working at the intersections of visual art, visual processing, and vision science in the Mandelbaum & Albert Family Vision Gallery

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The Mandelbaum & Albert Family Vision Gallery is currently closed to visitors.

In the Vision Gallery, Spring 2020:

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Fall 2020 Seminar Schedule

Fall 2020 McPherson ERI Trainee Symposium              October 15, 2020 (online)

8th Annual McPherson Endowed Lecture, John Flannery, PhD                 November 20th, 2020 (online)

Cycle for Sight
March 2021, date TBA

Science Expeditions Photos
This April’s Science Expeditions have been canceled.

Vision Science Instructional Lectures

Vision Gallery
Changes periodically

Vision at the Vet School
Our June 2020 event has been canceled.

The 8th Annual McPherson ERI Endowed Lecture has been canceled, and may be rescheduled for a future time.

About the McPherson ERI Vision Gallery

Through innovative exhibitions and programming, the Mandelbaum and Albert Family Vision Gallery promotes the interdisciplinary study of vision in the University of Wisconsin-Madison community and beyond. The McPherson ERI Vision Gallery is located on the 9th floor of WIMR at 1111 Highland Avenue immediately as you exit the elevator and is open to the public Monday – Friday from 8:00am – 5:00pm. Exhibits will change several times annually and we welcome suggestions for future exhibits. Contact Gail Stirr for details.

MERI Vision GalleryThe Gallery works to bring scientific and artistic understandings of the visual world into conversation with each other: artists speak to scientists and scientists speak to artists. Exhibits and installations may reflect how artists intuit the visual system’s power to process color and luminance, lines and form, depth, and motion, and the brain’s fascination in finding patterns and seeking faces. In turn, exhibits may inspire aesthetic interpretation and appreciation of the tools and artisanship integral to science. Finally, gallery works may display how visual artists re-interpret and re-purpose science as a framework for understanding our world.

The Gallery was dedicated and opened May 8, 2014, and is named for the extended family which encompasses the families of David and Nathan Mandelbaum, founding supporters of the McPherson ERI, as well as Dr. Daniel Albert. Guests at the dedication heard remarks from Provost Paul DeLuca, McPherson ERI Founding Director Daniel Albert, Senior Associate Dean Richard Moss, McPherson ERI Director David Gamm, and UW Regent David Walsh.