Spring 2015 Walsh Research Travel Awards

McPherson ERI/David G. Walsh Research Travel Awards provide funds for graduate students and postdoctoral researchers from MERI members’ research groups to attend research conferences to present vision-related work. The McPherson ERI Research Committee is pleased to announce two outstanding award recipients. Congratulations to both award recipients, who will be invited to speak in the McPherson ERI seminar series in the next academic year.

  • Clint Jensen, graduate student (Psychology, Letters and Science; Vanessa Simmering, mentor), will attend the 2015 Jean Piaget Society Conference in Toronto, Canada. His presentation is entitled, From General to Specific: A Developmental Exploration of the Influence of Conceptual Knowledge in Visual Recognition.
  • Kimberly Toops, postdoctoral researcher (Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences, SMPH; Aparna Lakkaraju, mentor), will attend the annual meeting of the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO) in Denver, CO. Her poster presentation is entitled, Complex anomalies in late endosome and lysosome trafficking in stressed retinal pigment epithelial cells.