McPherson ERI Fall 2020 Trainee Symposium, October 15th

Please join us for the McPherson ERI Fall 2020 Trainee Symposium, to be held online in lieu of our annual in-person poster session.  McPherson ERI trainees will give 3-minute “flash talks” on their current research geared towards both McPherson ERI peers and a general audience.

Over the summer, the McPherson ERI sponsored several trainees (graduate students and post-docs) to attend the Story Form Science course. This unique, 5-week science communications course, taught virtually by Adam Steinberg of ArtforScience and Holly Kerby, teaches graduate students in the sciences how to convey the essence and impact of their science to peers as well as the public, an increasingly important skill to learn for career building and writing grants and papers. The Fall Symposium, which builds on the Story Form Science course, promises to be a fun and fast-paced overview of some exciting research.

No advance registration is necessary, and all are invited to join:

Thursday, October 15, from noon – 1pm

Zoom Link:

Topics include:

Ben Sajdak, Morgridge Institute
Playing with scattered light to improve retinal structure contrast

Aishwarya Iyer Bhasker, Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences
What awakens a sleeping virus? Understanding blindness caused by active Herpes Simplex Virus-1 (HSV-1)

Raymond Doudlah, Neuroscience
Designing computational models that mimic how our brain represents objects in our environment

Kim Edwards, Waisman Center
Elucidating choroideremia disease mechanisms using iPSC model systems

Mengguo Jing, Human Development & Family Studies
The effect of comprehensibility on saliency-based gaze prediction for children and adults watching video

Bryan Rubio, Electrical & Computer Engineering,
Enhancing human vision beyond the visible spectrum

Allison Spillane, Pediatrics
Making a nonsense make sense