New McPherson ERI Expanding Our Vision (EOV) grant recipients announced

The Expanding Our Vision (EOV) grant program was started this year to provide awards of up to $10,000 to researchers performing vision-related research in visual communication, visual cognition, visual perception/performance, data visualization, development of novel imaging techniques for the visual system, computer sciences, and/or bioinformatics. Research in these areas is essential for understanding the intricacies of human vision and for enhancing our ability to visualize cells and processes in the eye, and to analyze large and complex datasets.

Five projects were awarded EOV grants in this initial year:

Andrea Mason (Kinesiology) and Leigh Mrotek & Robert Scheidt (Biomedical Engineering, Marquette University). Title: Impact of visual cue saliency during bimanual visually guided reach-to-grasp

Ari Rosenberg (Neuroscience). Title: Hierarchical cortical processing of three-dimensional visual motion

Sushmita Roy (Biostatistics & Medical Informatics). Title: Computational approaches for characterizing cell type dynamics in human retinal tissue

Karen Schloss (Psychology). Title: Understanding dimensional structure underlying color-concept associations to advance visual communication

Andreas Velten (Biostatistics & Medical Informatics). Title: Measuring ocular retroreflectance for remote ocular diagnostics