Richard Dubielzig, DVM

Position title: Professor Emeritus, Pathobiological Sciences, School of Veterinary Medicine


Phone: (608) 263-9805

3374 Veterinary Medicine Building
2015 Linden Dr
Madison, WI 53706

Founding Director
Dick Dubielzig

DVM 1972, University of Minnesota

Research Interests
The primary thrust of Dr. Dubielzig’s research is to characterize the morphological changes seen in spontaneous animal disease, with a particular emphasis on ocular and dental problems and the biological behavior of animal diseases.  His life work has been to catalog and characterize the pathology of spontaneous ocular disease in animal species. To this end, he founded the Comparative Ocular Pathology Laboratory of Wisconsin (COPLOW), which included a mail-in eye pathology service which provides diagnostic services to practicing veterinary ophthalmologists. Using this collection as a resource for his research, Dr. Dubielzig has investigated spontaneous ocular neoplasms, inflammatory eye disease, glaucoma, and ocular trauma. His primary interests are in the areas of ocular neoplasia, spontaneous glaucoma in dogs and cats, and the effects of spontaneous trauma and complications of ocular surgery. The laboratory houses an extensive archive of normal ocular specimens from across the animal kingdom and these are available for scientists interested in comparative ocular function or evolution of the eye.


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