Jacqueline Fulvio, PhD

Position title: Postdoctoral Research Associate, Psychology, College of Letters and Science

Email: fulvio@wisc.edu

Department of Psychology
461 Brogden Hall
1202 W Johnson St
Madison, WI 53706

Jacqueline Fulvio

BA 2004, Psychology, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ
MA 2006, Experimental Psychology: Cognition and Perception, New York University, NY, NY
PhD 2009, Experimental Psychology: Cognition and Perception, New York University, NY, NY
PostDoc 2009-2012, Visual Perception and Learning, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN

The law of good continuation – one of the Gestalt grouping principles – is the springboard for Jacqueline Fulvio’s research program. Throughout her training, she has worked to address one of the most puzzling questions in psychology: how do we act in our world as if everything is clearly in view? Fulvio has developed psychophysical (behavioral) tasks that require human observers to respond on the basis of sensory prediction. For example, in many of these tasks, observers see a portion of an object, or a portion of a moving object’s trajectory, and they make a prediction on the basis of this sensory information as to where and how the object and its trajectory will evolve over space and time. Analyzing the behavioral data from these studies with computational models has provided new insights about the nature of visual processing, especially how the mechanisms combine currently available sensory information with internal beliefs about the visual world gained through past experience. Her current research at UW-Madison with Dr. Bas Rokers has been following this line of work with extension to neuroimaging (fMRI) and to more ecologically valid environments using virtual reality (VR).


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