Bikalpa Ghimire

Credentials: Department of Neuroscience

Position title: Graduate student


Website: Lab Page

Office address:
WIMR Rm 3533

Campus mailing address:
Bikalpa Ghimire
WIMR Rm 5505
Department of Neuroscience
1111 Highland Ave,
Madison, WI 53705

Adviser: Xin Huang, PhD

My research interest revolves around understanding the neural basis of visual perception. Currently, my focus primarily lies in understanding the role of primary and dorsal visual cortical areas and their interaction during perceptual integration and segmentation of elements in the visual space. In Huang Lab, I leverage human psychophysics, non-human primate behavior and electrophysiology, and computational models to investigate the neural basis of perceptual integration and segmentation.
I enjoy participating in outreach activities for events and schools and demonstrating various visual perceptual phenomena, and eye/brain dissections.

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