Carol J. Hirschmugl, PhD

Position title: Professor, Department of Physics, UW-Milwaukee


Phone: (414) 229-5748

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
1900 East Kenwood Blvd.
Milwaukee, WI 53211

Carol J. Hirschmugl, PhD

BS 1987, Physics, State University of New York at Stony Brook
PhD 1994, Applied Physics, Yale University
Post-doctoral research 1994-96, Fritz Haber Institut, Berlin, Germany
Post-doctoral fellow 1996-97, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Professor Hirschmugl conducts surface studies of adsorbates on epitaxial and bulk oxide systems, focusing on environmentally and technologically relevant problems. Her investigative approaches include far and mid infrared absorption studies and picoampere low energy electron diffraction to study low energy dynamics and structure at aqueous-oxide interfaces. By tracking the changing chemical composition of microalgae as it adapts to high CO2 conditions, she has developed methods to rapidly identify what is happening to the algae. The response is species dependent, but it generally affects the carbohydrate composition and concentration. She has also developed the flow cell that is necessary for in vivo studies. Dr. Hirschmugl’s long-term goal is to continue to develop and improve synchrotron-based chemical imaging techniques and analytical tools for advanced imaging applications. Over the past few years she has overseen the development and commissioning of IRENI, the chemical imaging facility at the Synchrotron Radiation Center (Madison, WI). She will use IRENI to study chemical distributions in a wide range of biological materials, including eye tissues. In another area of study, she has determined that ATP and BGP are key ingredients for calcium mineralization in cartilage, chondrocyte and synovial fluid models, and that they produce different types of calcium.

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