Joseph C. L’Huillier

Position title: Undergraduate Student Researcher Biology; Psychology


Faculty sponsor: Dr. Nansi Jo Colley, PhD

BS (in progress), Biology and Psychology, UW-Madison, Madison, WI

After maintaining Drosophila stocks and learning the basics of fly genetics for two years in Dr. Nansi
Colley’s laboratory, Joseph L’Huillier has begun conducting research and is currently leading the investigation of four EMS-mutagenized stocks to identify novel genes involved in retinal degeneration. Thus far, he has assisted in identifying seven unknown mutant stocks that have defects in known genes. Specifically, he is most interested in the genes involved in the uptake, conversion, and transport of dietary carotenoids, which are necessary for rhodopsin synthesis, a protein essential to the phototransduction cascade, and in the possibility of discovering novel genes in this pathway.