Bas Rokers, PhD

Position title: Associate Professor of Psychology, Associate Director Imaging Facility


A2.107 - Computational Research Building
PO Box 129188 Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates

Bas Rokers

BA 1998, Artificial Intelligence, Utrecht University, Utrecht, the Netherlands
MA 2001, Behavioral Neuroscience, Rutgers University, Newark, NJ
PhD 2006, Cognitive Neuroscience, University of California at Los Angeles
Post-doctoral Fellowship 2006-10, Visual Perception, University of Texas at Austin


Bas Rokers is Associate Professor and Director of the Neuroimaging Center at New York University Abu Dhabi. His work aims to uncover the neural basis of visual perception, with an emphasis on motion and depth perception. He has held visiting positions at Utrecht University in the Netherlands, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and New York University. In addition to basic research, he has contributed to science education through the Wisconsin Virtual Brain Project and the National Geographic television series Brain Games.

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