Kevin Snyder, DVM, MS

Credentials: Comparative Ophthalmology Resident, School of Veterinary Medicine


Faculty sponsor: Dr. Gillian McLellan

BA 2010, Arts and Letters Preprofessional Studies Program, Notre Dame, IN


Kevin Snyder graduated in 2016 with a DVM from UW-Madison then completed a one-year small animal clinical internship at Colorado State University before returning to UW-Madison for a 4-year Comparative Ophthalmology Residency.  He has trained in Dr. McLellan’s laboratory since 2013 on multiple projects including electrophysiology and tonometry.  Currently, the lab is working on leveraging a novel and dynamic aqueous humor outflow imaging technique coupled with immunolabeling and ultrastructural analyses of the outflow pathways to delineate the effects of LTBP2 mutation in cats and mice.  In addition, in collaboration with the Comparative Ocular Pathology Laboratory of Wisconsin, they are conducting a genome wide association study in Siberian Huskies to better characterize the genetics of this blinding disease in dogs.  Outside of research, he works at UW Veterinary Care as a veterinary ophthalmology resident seeing clinical patients.