Lynda Wright, MS

Position title: Researcher, Waisman Center


Phone: (608) 263-4196

T611 Waisman Center
1500 Highland Avenue
Madison, WI 53705

Professional Internship 1973, Wausau North Hospital – School of Medical Technology, Wausau, WI
BS 1974, Medical Technology ASCP, University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire, Wisconsin
MS 1990, Bacteriology, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin


Lynda Wright has worked as a scientist in the laboratory of David Gamm at the UW Waisman Center.  The research centers on the use of human embryonic and induced pluripotent cells (iPSCs) to define molecular mechanisms of retinal cell fate determination and differentiation, to develop models of retinal diseases processes in vitro from patient-derived iPSCs, and to apply this knowledge to the study and treatment of human development and degenerative retinal disorders.

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