Yea-Seul Kim, PhD

Credentials: Department of Computer Science
(College of Letters & Science)

Position title: Asst. Professor


Keywords: Accessible visualization, accessible design of data representation for people with visual

BA 2010, Applied Statistics, Yonsei University, Korea
MS 2014, Human-Centered Design and Engineering, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington
PhD 2020, Information Science, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington

Dr. Kim’s research interests lie in the intersection between human-computer interaction (HCI), visualization, and data science. She is interested in developing tools and algorithms to help people with varying abilities, especially vision conditions, interact with data and visualizations (e.g., charts and graphs). Her lab has explored how visualization authors should formulate alternative text for visualization by interviewing people with visual impairments to understand their needs. They also investigate alternative modalities of exploring data, such as sonified and tactile visualization.