Chunming Zhang, PhD

Position title: Professor, Department of Statistics


Phone: 608-262-0084

1155 MSC
1300 University Avenue
Madison WI 53706

Chunming Zhang, PhD

BS 1990, Mathematical Statistics, Nankai University, Tianjin, China
MS 1993, Computational Mathematics, Academia Sinica, Beijing, China
PhD 2000, Statistics, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Chunming Zhang’s research interests range from neuroinformatics and bioinformatics, machine learning and data mining, multiple testing, non- and semi-parametric estimation and inference, to functional and longitudinal data analysis. Though not a vision researcher, she is interested in tackling some challenging research problems arising from vision research. Particularly, she is interested in contributing statistical knowledge and expertise to better understand how the vision system works and how vision can be enhanced by developing effective medical methods. Some of the effective statistical methods may not be known to scientific researchers, partly due to the lack of interaction between statisticians and scientists. Interdisciplinary collaboration applying such statistical methods is Dr. Zhang’s goal.